A neighbor’s pride…

As covid cases finally began to dwindle in Karsud village of Vikramgad, Palghar #Maharashtra, hope began to rise in this Adivasi community. Hunger was the one big issue for these daily wage earners. Nudged by our teams 26 families here came together to create a community kitchen garden in a 46mx 25m plot of land. With hardwork of over 3 days they sowed seasonal vegetables- ladyfingers, sponge gourds, and cucumbers.As a reward for their efforts people received Family Kits. Under #RahatCovid so far, 1,500+Kitchen gardens have been created. With Goonj’s ‘Dignity For Work’ initiative this is how people are taking action for their neglected issues. Kitchen gardens address the nutritional wellbeing of communities and make them self-sustained by weaving jobs around produce and local consumption. We are there.. Need You Too..

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